Decorating For Small Space Living

Rubina Ratnakar

If you live in a small space, decorating the house can be a daunting task. Often times, the indecision surrounds what to include and what to leave out. However, you can take advantage of the following decorating ideas so that your décor works not only aesthetically, but also functionally says Rubina Ratnakar.

Multi-purpose furniture

Choosing furniture that serves at least two functions is a great way to make sure that you save up on space. If your furniture serves more than one function, it means you will eradicate the need to have furniture that serves the other functions. For instance, your seats and bed can also have storage space within them.

Utilize the vertical floor space

While you may not have sufficient horizontal floor space, there is still plenty of vertical floor space. You could build shelves to fit the vertical space that you can then use to hold things and save furniture space.

Hang high curtains

Using high curtains or drapes that cover the entire height of the window space, from the ceiling and down to the floor is a brilliant way to create the effect that the house is larger than it looks. Similarly, using larger windows not only allows for more light but also creates the effect of a larger room.

Use wall or ceiling lights

Instead of using table lights, which would then require the need to include tables in the house, use wall or ceiling lights.

Collapsible shelves

When making shelves, you can save up on space by installing collapsible shelves. These collapse into each other and can hold more items at once. You can add compartments with the shelves in your kitchen cabinets to increase the capacity while saving on space.

Use the space beneath the stairs

There is plenty of room under the stairs that can be used for storage. Adding a couple of shelves there could remove the need for some furniture. As a matter of fact, that space could work well for a wardrobe or closet.

Avoid bulky furniture

Instead of buying sofas and other bulky furniture that takes up space, choose light furniture, which is also easy to move around when you need to create additional space.

Choose your dining table wisely

The shape of your dining table is of vital importance when it comes to saving on space, with round and oval-shaped dining tables being the best options.


When it comes to decorating a small space, make sure that you utilize every available inch. Keep the distribution even or rather avoid bundling things up on one side and making it look more congested. An even flow about the room creates the effect that the room is not as small as it seems.


Rubina Ratnakar

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