Wood Flooring Can Add Value to a Property

Rubina RatnakarAn Interior design expert explains how wood flooring can help properties to sell quickerAn interior design specialist has launched a campaign to make people aware of what measures they can take to add value to a home and what steps can be taken to help a property sell quicker. Rubina Ratnakar, an Interior design expert, has said that wood flooring can make a home more welcoming and add real value.

The Interior design expert who helps to bring new life into a property said that wood flooring, bathrooms and kitchen help to add value to a property. According to the expert, when a person puts their property on the market they should make sure the home provides a welcoming feeling to the potential buyer. Real estate experts have said that potential buyers make their mind up about a property within the first few minutes, and by installing quality wood flooring from the entrance to the home, it provides that welcoming feeling potential buyers are looking for.


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Rubina Ratnakar

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