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Rubina Ratnakar

Home Staging Allentown Project.  This is one of my favorite staging project for a client based out of Allentown, PA.  The house was on the market for over two years and did not sell because of poor staging.  Two offers came in after a week the staging was completed.



Bye, Bye Clutter by Rubina Ratnakar

Rubina Ratnakar says that most important thing you can do to prepare your home for sale is to get rid of clutter. Make a house rule that for every new item that comes in, an old one has to leave. One of the major contributors to a cluttered look is having too much furniture. When we professional stagers descend on a home being prepped for market, they often whisk away as much as half the owner’s furnishings, and the house looks much bigger for it. You don’t have to whittle that drastically, but take a hard look at what you have and ask yourself what you can live without.

Trying to keep the clutter under control is hard enough for even the most organized individual. Add the extra stress of life-on-the-go and it’s easy to lose your mind. Keep a pocket-sized notebook handy and jot down daily to-dos, thoughts and plans. At the end of the day, revisit what you’ve written and organize appropriately.

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Rubina Ratnakar

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