Simple Steps To Increase Your Home’s Value

Rubina Ratnakar

Simple Steps To Increase Your Home’s Value

Some people go overboard with complete house remodels to increase the value of their home, says Rubina Ratnakar. That is, however, not necessary since you can increase the value of your home without spending a huge budget or time on it.

Fresh paint job

Considering the fact that your paint job might have come with the house when you bought or built it, it should be considered old. That said, you can improve the image of your house considerably just by having it painted. Hire a contractor to take out the old paint, choose the perfect designer to help you come up with a great color scheme and have your contractor paint it and watch as the market value of your house spikes.


When considering the value of your home, it would be a grave mistake to consider just the house itself and not look at the surrounding landscape. Remodeling the landscape around your house not only increases the aesthetic appeal of your house but also gives the impression of a well-maintained house, both of which increase the value of the house. Hiring a landscaper to plant flowers, develop plant patterns, remodel the paths leading to your house and improve the overall appeal of your landscape is a non-costly plan that will work well towards increasing your home’s value.

Improve the décor

You interior décor goes a long way in suggesting the value of your house and the more sophisticated it looks, the greater the value of your house. Everything from the paint, wallpaper, carpets, floors, ceilings, furniture and general décor features, need to be considered, which is why you should consult an interior designer. The best aspect of this is that you do not have to spend a fortune in changing the décor. The execution or rather how it is laid out around the house is what determines how sophisticated and expensive it ends up looking.

House maintenance

Old fixtures, plumbing, wiring, roofing, floors and other things that seem old about the house all have to go. You can change the outlook and value of your house a great deal by making sure that it is well maintained. Things that could undermine that, such as creaky floors and doors, leaking roofs and plumbing and such, should all be removed and replaced.

Energy efficiency

The energy efficiency of your home also plays a key role in determining its value. More so, you get to save a lot by making sure that you an energy efficient home.


The plan is to increase your home’s value by making it as modern as possible and increasing the savings while reducing expenditure. Ideally, you should consult an expert in every instance and avoid DIY techniques that could end up increasing the costs.

Rubina Ratnakar

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